Fonotopia Shorts: Marika Papagika

Posted in Fonotopia Short by nissarhusseinkhan on July 9, 2010

In this Fonotopia short, Ian cops to a penchant for hyperbole. But…

…could Marika Papagika actually be one of the greatest singers who ever lived or recorded?

Find out for yourself, in this new Fonotopia short about a woman who made it from the tiny Mediterranean island of Kos to owning her own music club in midtown New York City:



Episode 3: The Ottoman Empire

Posted in Episodes by nissarhusseinkhan on March 26, 2010

Behold — Episode 3: The Music of the Ottoman Empire.

In this episode, Ian takes you from Mozart’s grandparents to the last days of the Turkish Pretty Boy Floyd. The Ottoman Empire was vast, vast. Think of all the music. (more…)